Solitary Vineyards Morning Bell Pinot Noir 2019

By micro managing a small distinct section of the vineyard and intensive berry sampling and tastings, I pick at very specific ripening levels and flavor profiles. After cooling the bunches, I crush into open top barrels for wild fermentation to start as slowly as possible, with 1/3 whole bunch, 1/3 whole berry and 1/3 crushed and destemmed. I punch through only once a day and the fermentation is allowed until a reading of about 5 Balling before pressing. I press with a basket press directly into old French oak barrels where fermentation finishes and malolactic fermentation takes place. The wine is kept on the rough lees for 8 to 15 months before racking clean and bottling with as little finings or additives as possible. The style is very minimalistic, very expressive and defines the terroir of Polkadraai Pinot Noir

This wine has a vibrant beautiful light garnet colour and a bouquet that’s constantly changing with red berries, flint, graphite and sandalwood that pop out of the glass. Tobacco and clove characters set the undertone with thyme and fynbos notes. On the palate cranberries seem to dominate with granite and mineral tones with herbal characters that match the bouquet. A beautiful acid keeps the palate alive and changing even on your palate.